B2B Demand Generation Trends & Predictions for 2009

Never one to be shy about expressing my opinion, I was interviewed recently by Craig Rosenberg of Tippit and the Funnelholic blog about B2B marketing trends and expectations for 2009. You’ll find the results of the interview here. Topics Craig and I discussed include:

* the 3 biggest B2B marketing trends likely to emerge in 2009
* the biggest challenges B2B marketers will face this year
* the 3 metrics B2B marketers should care about and why
* the 3 top oversights marketers make regarding lead generation
* top prescriptions for lead generation success in 2009
* top applications, technologies or sources that B2B marketers need to be successful

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2 thoughts on “B2B Demand Generation Trends & Predictions for 2009

  1. Jason Rushin

    Here’s a prediction for 2009: 80-90% of all B2B marketing emails will begin with, “In these tough times…” or, “In this economy…”

    Marketers are getting stale – and that opening was overused before the holidays. At what point will marketers stop reminding people of the obvious and start getting back to real value?


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