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Lipstick, Pigs & Lead Generation

There’s been a lot of talk in the news lately about putting cosmetics on farm animals. Naturally, this made me think of lead generation. No connection, you say? Consider this: Most lead generation campaigns are just internal strategy or positioning statements with some stock imagery added. These internal documents, meant… Read More

A New "Spin" on Dimensional Mail

Forwarded to me by a client (thanks Tim) … I’ve never been a big fan of dimensional mail, but this campaign is simply brilliant. Now that’s what I call thinking “outside the box.”

New White Paper: Tips for Webinar Invitation Success

CDI has just released a new white paper: “Top 10 Tips for Webinar Invitation Success” containing ideas, techniques, and strategies for increasing registration and response from e-mail Webinar invitations. Inside you’ll learn: • the 3 key copy elements to include in your e-mail headline and sub-head … • the common… Read More