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New Ebook – 65 Tips on B2B Demand Generation

Newly updated, revised, and now available for the first time in convenient ebook format: The High Tech Direct Marketing Handbook. Download your free copy here. This is the 5th edition of the handbook, a compilation of 65+ tips and techniques on direct marketing strategy, creative, offers, media, and just about… Read More

7 Ways to Change Your Demand Gen Strategy in 2009

Check out another great article from DemandGen Report (and not just because I’m quoted) on how B2B marketers should adapt their demand generation strategy to the new economic climate. Key takeaways: * Focus media strategy on finding the people who are buying now * Craft offers that mitigate risk for… Read More

Personalizing Your Direct Mail: 6 Tips

You spent countless hours in copy and design and review cycles crafting the perfect direct mail piece. Yet the finished product looks like junk mail, and your response rate suffers accordingly. Why? Most likely the culprit is the lettershop – more specifically, the way your direct mail piece was personalized…. Read More

Direct Marketing: Rules vs. Laws

The following post comes courtesy of guest blogger, CDI Creative Director Dave Dumanis (thanks Dave!): In demand generation, we have this phenomenon called best practices. In other fields, they’d be called rules, or guidelines. They’re pieces of information or advice that, if closely followed, can boost our odds: frequent calls… Read More