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Free Content Syndication – Is It Worth It?

A client writes: “I’ve received e-mails in the last month from two vendors (online publishers) offering to post my white papers and other content on their site for free. What’s the catch? I can’t think of a legitimate reason to turn down the offer.” My response: “Have you heard the… Read More

Push Your White Paper to Market with emedia

Here at CDI, we’re fierce proponents of “blended marketing”: the idea that every good marketing plan is a broad combination of tactics, vehicles, media, and vendors. Not only does this minimize risk (by limiting the exposure from any one lead source), it makes vendors work harder (more competition), you reach… Read More

Measuring the ROI from Integrated Campaigns

Interesting article (and not just because this writer is quoted heavily) in this month’s issue of the Demand Gen Report newsletter on the challenge of measuring ROI from integrated campaigns. Integrated, multi-channel campaigns are here to stay. Even something as simple as a content syndication program can involve a significant… Read More

KnowledgeStorm, We Hardly Knew Ye

November 7, 2007 – TechTarget acquires KnowledgeStorm (see press release). Not quite three years since they acquired Bitpipe, TechTarget has swallowed up another big competitor in the online advertising/content syndication marketplace. Confession: I never quite figured out KnowledgeStorm. They clearly were more than moderately successful in the marketplace (though I… Read More

Good Blog on Writing White Papers

If you write, produce, or use white papers for lead generation, I recommend you check out Michael Stelzner’s blog, “Writing White Papers.” He offers some great tips for making your white paper stand out from the crowd. (Did you know that 2.5″ is the ideal left margin for a white… Read More