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Welcome to The Point

If this is your first visit to the blog, welcome. If you’re a regular reader of my old blog, you may be asking (literally): What’s The Point? Here’s the news: the blog has moved to a new location and re-launched with a new name because I’ve also moved, to a… Read More

When Ugly Works

Here’s a banner ad that caught my eye recently: Oh sure, it’s ugly. There’s virtually no “concept” to speak of, or even design for that matter. However, what Hoovers have accomplished is a very effective illustration of “sell the offer, not the product.” (An article I wrote almost 10 years… Read More

Can a Campaign Be Too Targeted?

It’s a generally accepted tenet of direct response marketing that the more targeted your campaign, the more successful that campaign is likely to be. There are circumstances, however, when too precise a target audience can actually work against you and force you to make compromises that jeopardize the ultimate ROI… Read More

Benchmarks, We Got Benchmarks

In a recent article for BtoB Magazine, John Neeson of marketing and sales consultancy Sirius Decisions provides some planning benchmarks that are often sought by clients but tough to come by, namely: what percentage of revenue should be directly attributable to marketing? and what should my close ratio (qualified leads… Read More

Direct Response Panel Discussion: June 26

Join me when I moderate a panel discussion on “Best Practices in Direct Response Marketing” on Tuesday, June 26 in Palo Alto. Topics discussed will include direct mail, telemarketing, e-mail marketing, mobile marketing, and lead nurturing. The event is hosted by Market4Demand, a technology marketing services firm, and is part… Read More