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Why Hire An Agency?

Apologies if, to the more cynical amongst you, this post seems simply self-serving and a thinly veiled excuse for a sales pitch. Bear with me as I explain … A few weeks ago we received a request from a potential client that we help her “sell” her boss (the CMO)… Read More

Disintermediation & the Irrational Fear of Non-Media Expense

Excuse me while I rant for a minute, but what is it about buying media that makes it seems so benign? Here’s what I mean: companies spend tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars on media, often with little purpose or strategy behind it, because buying media – and media… Read More

The Incompetence of General Ad Agencies

Hold that angry e-mail – those aren’t my words, but those of my favorite direct marketing curmudgeon, Denny Hatch, in the latest edition of his e-mail newsletter, Business Common Sense. To quote Denny: “… the world of general agencies has somehow conned the dumb little yuppie MBA corporate brand managers… Read More