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A New "Spin" on Dimensional Mail

Forwarded to me by a client (thanks Tim) … I’ve never been a big fan of dimensional mail, but this campaign is simply brilliant. Now that’s what I call thinking “outside the box.”

Direct Marketing: Rules vs. Laws

The following post comes courtesy of guest blogger, CDI Creative Director Dave Dumanis (thanks Dave!): In demand generation, we have this phenomenon called best practices. In other fields, they’d be called rules, or guidelines. They’re pieces of information or advice that, if closely followed, can boost our odds: frequent calls… Read More

"The most ignorant e-mail campaign ever …"

And you thought I was a harsh critic? In his column titled “Stupid E-Mail Watch,” Ken Magill, Editor-at-Large at Direct Magazine, rants about a recent e-mail he received from Bing energy drinks and the latest annoying trend in online media: “Here’s a hint: We don’t need surprise audio blasting out… Read More

Why Hire An Agency?

Apologies if, to the more cynical amongst you, this post seems simply self-serving and a thinly veiled excuse for a sales pitch. Bear with me as I explain … A few weeks ago we received a request from a potential client that we help her “sell” her boss (the CMO)… Read More

Giving Your Target Market a Reality Check

Just read a very insightful post over at Garth’s World, the new blog by Garth Moulton, one of the co-founders of Jigsaw, the wildly successful online business contact directory. In his post Help Wanted: Easter Bunny, Garth rails against companies that have an unrealistic expectation of what new sales hires… Read More

SmartMarketers: B2B Marketing Blog Worth a Visit

Here’s another B2B Marketing Web resource you should bookmark or subscribe to – it’s a blog and newsletter hosted by NetLine, the people who manage the Tradepub content syndication network. Last month, I was flattered to be asked to join their roster of contributing bloggers. There’s an RSS feed available,… Read More

How Not to Market a Marketing Magazine

I received an unsolicited copy of Deliver Magazine this week. I don’t get a lot of business mail in general, and, as a certified junk mail junkie, I look at everything. It took me more than a few seconds, however, to discern the focus of the publication (more on that… Read More