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Using Direct Marketing to Build Brand

Denny Hatch writes a great piece in the latest edition of his newsletter, “Denny Hatch’s Business Common Sense” about the madness of trying to use direct marketing to build brand: The examples he quotes (what he charmingly calls “products of epic lunacy in direct marketing”) are mostly consumer-based and related… Read More

Why We’re Dumping Our Newsletter And Why You Should Do The Same

After 10 years and more than 100 “tips”, April 2007 marks the last issue of the CDI “Tip o’ the Month” newsletter. Starting in May, all current subscribers will instead receive monthly e-mail notifications of new content on our blog, Direct Connections. Why are we terminating a successful newsletter with… Read More

How to Improve Lead Quality

If you’re generating plenty of leads, but the sales force doesn’t think those leads are good enough, what’s the best way to address the issue? Here are some ideas to consider: 1. Change your offer. The one factor that most impacts lead quality is the offer. Offer a free book,… Read More

Program-Centric Planning

In high-tech, everything moves at warp speed, even in marketing. (Some would say: especially in marketing.) Even the most forward-thinking marketers can find themselves in a vicious 3-month cycle of budget approvals and rapid-fire executions of whatever marketing programs can be rushed out the door before quarter end. When it… Read More