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The Power of Messaging

Sridhar Ramanathan at The Pacifica Group writes very compellingly on his blog on “The Power of Excellent Messaging.” In the post, he compares messaging statements from two CRM solution providers, and Siebel On Demand, and highlights the very striking differences between the two. (No prizes for guessing which company… Read More

Nominate Your Favorite Marketing Blog

Michael Stelzner of is accepting nominations for best marketing blogs. Click here to learn what other blogs people are raving about – maybe you’ll discover a new resource. While you’re there, feel free to mention any compelling, informative, B2B demand generation blogs (ahem) that you find particularly useful …

How to Talk Like a Silicon Valley Marketer (Part 1 in a Series)

Many companies, industries, and regions have their own business vernacular – turns of phrases that you won’t hear anywhere else. High technology is no exception. As someone who’s worked in Silicon Valley marketing circles for more than 20 years (gulp), I thought it might be amusing (and anthropologically responsible) to… Read More