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A Really Useful B2B Marketing Benchmark Report from Optify

You see a lot of so-called “benchmark reports” in B2B marketing circles, and most of them are, well: complete rubbish. The reason many of these reports are worthless, in my view, is that they’re based on non-randomized surveys, and thus the results are influenced heavily by who chooses to respond…. Read More

Direct Marketing: Rules vs. Laws

The following post comes courtesy of guest blogger, CDI Creative Director Dave Dumanis (thanks Dave!): In demand generation, we have this phenomenon called best practices. In other fields, they’d be called rules, or guidelines. They’re pieces of information or advice that, if closely followed, can boost our odds: frequent calls… Read More

Giving Your Target Market a Reality Check

Just read a very insightful post over at Garth’s World, the new blog by Garth Moulton, one of the co-founders of Jigsaw, the wildly successful online business contact directory. In his post Help Wanted: Easter Bunny, Garth rails against companies that have an unrealistic expectation of what new sales hires… Read More

Measuring the ROI from Integrated Campaigns

Interesting article (and not just because this writer is quoted heavily) in this month’s issue of the Demand Gen Report newsletter on the challenge of measuring ROI from integrated campaigns. Integrated, multi-channel campaigns are here to stay. Even something as simple as a content syndication program can involve a significant… Read More

The Q1 Marketing Plan: A Primer

It’s that time of year again, when marketers’ thoughts turn to budget cycles, MBOs, and that Webinar series that they really meant to launch in Q3 but just never got around to. A new fiscal year looms, and we’re busy assisting clients and prospective clients as they sort out their… Read More

The Incompetence of General Ad Agencies

Hold that angry e-mail – those aren’t my words, but those of my favorite direct marketing curmudgeon, Denny Hatch, in the latest edition of his e-mail newsletter, Business Common Sense. To quote Denny: “… the world of general agencies has somehow conned the dumb little yuppie MBA corporate brand managers… Read More