New Podcast: Buying & Using Marketing Automation Systems

Recently I was interviewed by Jon Miller, Vice President Marketing at Marketo, about the trends, challenges, and potential benefits that are driving so many companies to look at marketing automation and lead management solutions. The resulting 12-minute podcast is available via Marketo’s podcast library or you can access it directly here. Questions discussed include:

* What business challenges and problems cause companies to look at marketing automation systems?
* What are some of the near term and longer term ROI benefits companies should expect from marketing automation?
* When looking for a marketing automation solution, what are some of the key features and capabilities that someone should have on their list?
* What other factors should companies consider when looking at marketing automation?

Note that the Marketo library includes a series of podcasts on other topics of interest to B2B marketers, including lead scoring, white paper syndication, and use of Web 2.0 tactics for demand generation.


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