Newsletter Ad Revisited

Here’s a newsletter ad that arrived in my inbox recently:

Real-world e-mail security challenges; Real-world advice
Network IT executives face three massive messaging challenges: secure the network against external messaging threats; protect the company against employee e-mail misuse; and ensure e-mail meets regulatory compliance laws. Get expert, real-world advice and concrete steps on how to tackle each challenge in this exclusive Webcast.

And here’s how I’d re-write the ad:

Free Webcast: Top 3 Messaging Security Challenges
In an exclusive, on-demand Webcast, hear an IDC expert discuss concrete steps for addressing the top 3 messaging challenges facing network IT executives: securing the network against external messaging threats, protecting the company against employee e-mail misuse, and ensuring e-mail complies with regulatory guidelines. Available now – click here to register.

What’s the difference?

Headline highlights the offer.
Mention the speaker (adds credibility).
Key topics are expressed as benefits of attending, not simply statements of fact.
Ad closes with a note of urgency and a strong call to action.

Note that little of the actual text has changed – rather the ad has been restructured to focus on benefits of attending the event.


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