What Email Programs Have Generated the Best B2B Leads for You?

That was the question posted earlier today on LinkedIn. It continued:

“So, those leads from conferences aren’t that great, and the leads from contests are the absolute worst. What about good leads? How do you get good B2B leads to your sales team (or to yourself)? How does email help you do this?”

and here’s how I answered:

“I would suggest the answer lies in utilizing e-mail AFTER the lead has been generated. We design and deploy turnkey lead nurturing programs for our clients that automatically score, qualify, and nurture inbound leads using rules-based e-mail and dynamic, pre-populated landing pages.

Truth is, there is no magic bullet for generating good leads and nothing but good leads. Mostly, it’s about separating the wheat from the chaff. With a lead nurturing program in place, the sales team only receives “good”, i.e. sales-ready leads (based on specific criteria that you define), and those that aren’t qualified get automatically nurtured until they meet those criteria, at which point they’re instantly funneled to the sales team.

This way you can use a variety of marketing programs and not have to worry about dumping junk leads on your salespeople. There probably ARE good leads generated from conferences and contests, but your sales team isn’t going to spend the time to find or nurture them. With lead nurturing, you’ll be maximizing the ROI from all your demand generation efforts by generating more qualified leads over the long-term.”

For more information on Lead Recycling, CDI’s turnkey lead nurturing solution, click here.


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