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Landing Pages: Who Cares Anymore?

Making even modest changes to landing pages can be the quickest and easiest way to increase online response rates and decrease cost per lead, yet in more cases than not, far more attention, scrutiny, and investment is dedicated to the front end of demand generation campaigns. Case in point: not… Read More

Direct and Branding: Brothers in Arms

Back in May, I wrote a post quoting Denny Hatch about how branding and direct marketing don’t mix. Here, Dave Dumanis, guest blogger and CDI Creative Director, offers his thoughts on how to make direct and branding work together: “In my experience, the relationship between direct response advertising and branding… Read More

Another Email Crying Out for Help

It shouldn’t be easy to pick promotional e-mails out of one’s inbox and recite the litany of ways in which the authors missed the boat. But it is. One reason, I suspect, is that prominent media companies such as IDG, ZDNet, and others have started to provide “turnkey” campaigns to… Read More

Tale of Two Emails

Two e-mails arrived in my inbox recently that merit dissection. They’re from two competitors – Oracle and Netsuite, respectively – and both promote Webinars that are thinly disguised versions of “Why You Should Buy Our CRM Product and Not Our Competitor’s”. Topic aside, however, I’d wager that head-to-head the Netsuite… Read More

Newsletter Ad Revisited

Here’s a newsletter ad that arrived in my inbox recently: Real-world e-mail security challenges; Real-world advice Network IT executives face three massive messaging challenges: secure the network against external messaging threats; protect the company against employee e-mail misuse; and ensure e-mail meets regulatory compliance laws. Get expert, real-world advice and… Read More

The Myth Of Why You Shouldn’t Use “Free” In Subject Lines

I continue to read opinion pieces in industry publications and e-newsletters imploring marketers not to use “Free” in e-mail subject lines, based on the argument that “Free” will trigger spam filters and result in e-mails being dumped into junk mail folders. To which I say: bunk. Yes, it’s true that… Read More

Writing an Effective Search Ad

Google allows a total of 105 characters in their text ads, including spaces. It’s therefore pointless to waste this precious space on fluff. Many search marketers make the mistake of describing their company or product in their ad, on the erroneous assumption that keyword advertising is fundamentally about promoting a… Read More