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Oracle Webinar Invitation Needs More Detail, Less Fluff

Most of the discussion these days on how to improve e-mail response centers on technical issues such as deliverability, spam filters, and readability on mobile e-mail clients. It’s easy to forget, therefore, that the true keys to e-mail success are often none of the above, but rather more old-fashioned principles… Read More

Top 10 High-Tech Email Marketing Mistakes

I just updated one of CDI’s most popular white papers: “Top 10 High-Tech E-Mail Marketing Mistakes.” You can download your free copy of the new version here. Topics include: * the not-so-obvious ways most landing pages distract or confuse the reader … * how to eliminate “sure-fail” subject lines …… Read More

Changes to CAN-SPAM Law & Your E-Mail Reputation

David Kearney, CEO of e-mail service provider Boomerang, recently wrote a handy synopsis of recent updates to the CAN-SPAM law governing e-mail marketing. Amongst the highlights: 1. When an e-mail features more than one company (ex: a co-sponsored event), one company can be designated the “sender.” That company should be… Read More

New White Paper: Tips for Webinar Invitation Success

CDI has just released a new white paper: “Top 10 Tips for Webinar Invitation Success” containing ideas, techniques, and strategies for increasing registration and response from e-mail Webinar invitations. Inside you’ll learn: • the 3 key copy elements to include in your e-mail headline and sub-head … • the common… Read More

"The most ignorant e-mail campaign ever …"

And you thought I was a harsh critic? In his column titled “Stupid E-Mail Watch,” Ken Magill, Editor-at-Large at Direct Magazine, rants about a recent e-mail he received from Bing energy drinks and the latest annoying trend in online media: “Here’s a hint: We don’t need surprise audio blasting out… Read More

Tableau E-Mail Tells Their Story Well

In a recent edition of his newsletter “Business Common Sense,” Denny Hatch writes: One rule I came to late in life: You cannot judge good direct marketing; it judges you. In other words, good direct marketing does what it was designed to do. It doesn’t matter if you hate it/don’t… Read More