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Are You an Evangelist or an Order-Taker?

Imagine a spectrum. On one end are products in mature categories, products for which the need is readily apparent and recognized by your target audience. On the other are products in more nascent categories, products for which the need may not be so apparent — i.e. prospects may not even… Read More

Newsletter Ad Revisited

Here’s a newsletter ad that arrived in my inbox recently: Real-world e-mail security challenges; Real-world advice Network IT executives face three massive messaging challenges: secure the network against external messaging threats; protect the company against employee e-mail misuse; and ensure e-mail meets regulatory compliance laws. Get expert, real-world advice and… Read More

The Myth Of Why You Shouldn’t Use “Free” In Subject Lines

I continue to read opinion pieces in industry publications and e-newsletters imploring marketers not to use “Free” in e-mail subject lines, based on the argument that “Free” will trigger spam filters and result in e-mails being dumped into junk mail folders. To which I say: bunk. Yes, it’s true that… Read More