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Lead Nurturing Key for Open Source & SaaS Vendors

Two licensing models are taking the software industry by storm at present: one is Open Source, the other is SaaS (Software As A Service). From a marketing perspective, both share similar challenges, the most prominent of which is converting users of free software to paying customers. Many commercial open source… Read More

5 Mistakes to Avoid on Your Next Webinar Invitation

This Webinar invitation from IBrix, a developer of software-based file-serving solutions, arrived in my inbox recently. Alas, it reads more like an abstract for a thesis presentation than a compelling sales event. Here are the all-too-common pitfalls the invitation so painfully illustrates: 1. Don’t place speaker photos and gratuitous clip-art… Read More

NetLine Gives Prospects a Second Touch

Competition in the content syndication marketplace is becoming so fierce that, as a demand generation vehicle, white paper syndication is in danger of becoming a commodity, a program that advertisers evaluate on price alone. If I can buy a lead from this vendor for $40, the argument goes, why would… Read More

Admit Your Mistakes or Not?

No-one is a bigger fan than me of Marketing Sherpa: their content, newsletters and events are some of the best around. Furthermore, their emails and other outbound communications are always highly professional and reflective of a company whose reputation is one of trust, credibility, and authority. So imagine my surprise… Read More

Symantec E-Mail Not Up to the Challenge

Occasionally a good concept gets lost in the execution. Take this recent e-mail from Symantec as an example. What I like about this campaign, besides the eye-popping color scheme, is the overall concept. Symantec could very easily have prattled on about the merits of their product, but instead they’ve couched… Read More

What Email Programs Have Generated the Best B2B Leads for You?

That was the question posted earlier today on LinkedIn. It continued: “So, those leads from conferences aren’t that great, and the leads from contests are the absolute worst. What about good leads? How do you get good B2B leads to your sales team (or to yourself)? How does email help… Read More

Another Email Crying Out for Help

It shouldn’t be easy to pick promotional e-mails out of one’s inbox and recite the litany of ways in which the authors missed the boat. But it is. One reason, I suspect, is that prominent media companies such as IDG, ZDNet, and others have started to provide “turnkey” campaigns to… Read More