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5 Mistakes to Avoid on Your Next Webinar Invitation

This Webinar invitation from IBrix, a developer of software-based file-serving solutions, arrived in my inbox recently. Alas, it reads more like an abstract for a thesis presentation than a compelling sales event. Here are the all-too-common pitfalls the invitation so painfully illustrates: 1. Don’t place speaker photos and gratuitous clip-art… Read More

Tale of Two Emails

Two e-mails arrived in my inbox recently that merit dissection. They’re from two competitors – Oracle and Netsuite, respectively – and both promote Webinars that are thinly disguised versions of “Why You Should Buy Our CRM Product and Not Our Competitor’s”. Topic aside, however, I’d wager that head-to-head the Netsuite… Read More

The End of Live Webinars?

Web seminars continue to be a mainstay B2B demand gen tactic, especially in the technology space. Up until now, Webinars have come in two flavors: the live event, broadcast at a specific date and time, and the archived event, hosted on the advertiser’s site or by a third party for… Read More