How to Write a Better Content Syndication Abstract

When planning a content syndication campaign, most B2B marketers tend to focus their energy primarily on 1) selecting the right media partner(s) and 2) selecting the right content to promote. Abstracts (the short descriptions that accompany content online) are often an afterthought. However, a well-written abstract can make an enormous difference in helping your content asset stand out from the crowd and, ultimately, driving both increased lead volume and improved lead quality.
how to write a better content syndication abstract
Remember: an abstract is, essentially, an ad. If a prospect searches on a particular topic and sees a list of ten white papers on that subject, the title of your content and the quality of its abstract will likely be the difference between that prospect downloading your content vs. your competitor’s.

Despite this, most content abstracts today are written in a dry, almost academic tone, as if they’re describing a paper that’s being presented at a scientific conference. Good abstracts do two things:

1. they describe the value of the information, and
2. they drive action.

When writing abstracts, use terms like “learn” and “discover” — language that implies the benefit of downloading your information. Be clear and specific about what the reader will take away from the material. Employ language like “Download” to drive action. In a crowded category, an effective abstract can increase lead pace and volume significantly.

Here’s an example of a poorly-written abstract (names changed to protect the guilty):

Acme Security Endpoint Protection 3.0 Overview

Organizations face a variety of security and operational challenges in the face of today’s emerging threats. Effective protection from ultra-low prevalence attacks, conclusive visibility on file executions, and the ability to investigate and respond to encounters are increasingly difficult endeavors.

This paper reveals how Acme Security EndPoint Protection 3.0 delivers innovative endpoint protection with a system that adapts and learns from encounters and immediately neutralizes emerging threats. Download now to discover the key advantages of Acme Security Endpoint Protection 3.0.

And here’s the same abstract, re-written:

Endpoint Protection Redefined: Neutralizing Emerging Threats

Written specifically for CSOs, CISOs and other top-level security executives, this compelling white paper looks at today’s emerging threat landscape, and the myriad of security and operational challenges that prevent organizations from protecting vital corporate and customer data. Inside you’ll learn how the latest developments in endpoint protection allow corporations to:

• Protect networks from ultra-low prevalence attacks
• Gain conclusive visibility into file executions
• Adapt and learn from encounters as they happen

Learn to neutralize emerging threats. Download this paper now.

Note the changes that were made:

1. Replace product name in title with search-friendly and benefit-oriented keywords.
2. Mention the target audience to dissuade unqualified downloads.
3. Describe what the reader will learn in concrete, tangible terms.
4. Drive action.

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