Jellyvision: Lead Qualification That Talks Back

As the name suggests, Chicago-based Jellyvision got their start creating children’s films. The company then went on to create “You Don’t Know Jack,” one of the best-selling game franchises of all time (4.5 million copies and counting.) Nowadays, Jellyvision has turned its expertise to creating what it calls “interactive conversations”: hosted, online presentations that, well, engage you in conversation.

Jellyvision is much more than just another multimedia demo or talking head. Check out this demo of a conversation on Web 2.0 that the company developed for BEA/Oracle (side note: BEA/Oracle is a client, but we were not involved in this project.)

The people at Jellyvision don’t claim to generate leads. Instead, what they do is take an existing traffic stream, say the people that visit your Website, and convert those visitors much more efficiently to qualified leads. Behind each conversation they develop are hundreds, even thousands, of individual audio files that create an interactive, adaptive, incredibly natural dialogue with the viewer.

Think of Jellyvision as hosted Powerpoint, with audio, backed by a “live” narrator that asks questions of the viewer and then adapts the presentation accordingly. One of the things that most impressed me was the impeccable timing, what Jellyvision calls the “flow.” When you answer questions, the resulting audio response is uncannily – almost eerily – real. It really is like having a conversation with someone.

Say you want to present a story on your Website or campaign microsite about a new product, your company, your category – whatever, but you only want to generate leads that meet certain key criteria, for example: companies of a certain size. Jellyvision can adapt the conversation to weed out unqualified prospects (see what happens in the BEA demo when you tell the presenter you’re from a small company.)

Jellyvision’s pricing varies according to the scope of the project and other variables. They charge on a “pay-per-action” model, based on the number of qualified leads, or trial downloads, or product sales, or whatever the target transaction is that you want the conversation to achieve. That makes them not only an attractive proposition for any company looking for ways to improve Web conversions, but a potentially exciting way to add life to a Web site, microsite, or other online property without the upfront costs typically required to develop anything close to this type of multimedia production value.

Cool stuff.

One thought on “Jellyvision: Lead Qualification That Talks Back

  1. Bryant

    I like this a lot. There are a ton of applications for this type of interactive demo. This takes the whole meaning of “interactive” to another level. Very cool stuff.


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