New B2B Demand Generation Group on Facebook

Please join me on a new Facebook group dedicated to B2B Demand Generation. My primary motivation in starting the group is to spark discussion and exchange of best practices, news, trends, and strategies relating to demand generation – interchange that isn’t always possible in the context of a blog. Plus I hope to enable members of the B2B marketing community to connect with each other more easily.

I’ve kicked things off with a discussion: “Does brand always outweigh response considerations?” in response to a recent article by Anne Holland of Marketing Sherpa. Anne, whom I respect immensely, writes that in conflicts between brand and direct, “brand should always win.” I disagree vehemently. Read my response and join in the conversation.

While you’re there, introduce yourself by posting on the “Wall,” ask a question on the discussion board, post items of interest – news, events, articles, trends, etc. – anything but gratuitous self promotion is encouraged. And feel free to invite colleagues, friends, and anyone – Facebook members only, of course – who you think could contribute to the discussion.

I look forward to seeing you online.


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