Podcast (Part 3): Using Blogs to Generate Leads

In part 3 of my podcast with Steve Farnsworth of Jolt Social Media, we discuss the role of blogs in the lead generation landscape, and the simple steps companies can take to convert their blogs from PR dumping grounds to a key part of their demand generation engine. In less than 8 minutes, you’ll learn:

• How to incorporate blogs into your overall lead generation strategy
• Why one, all-encompassing corporate blog may not be enough
• The #1 feature your blog needs to generate real, measurable ROI

Listen to the podcast now or download it to your favorite mobile device. You can access the podcast (including Part 1 and Part 2 if you missed them previously) here.

2 thoughts on “Podcast (Part 3): Using Blogs to Generate Leads

  1. Gautam Tandon

    I couldn’t download the podcast. Do I need to subscribe somewhere?

    I’d say the more active you are on various forums, you will realize that more people follow and trust you. However the catch is that you can only create such kind of trust if you are indeed providing a genuine help. If not, then such an act can actually recoil back; and just like in any other medium, as they say “bad news spreads faster”; your name in the industry will spread much faster than you can imagine and you will be barred from many societies and forums. So be genuine and helpful. That’s one of the best ways to generate leads. I have myself used some simple ways of just helping others and have generated great leads for my business like that!

    Looking forward to read some more great stuff on your blog.


  2. Howard Sewell Post author

    GT, if you follow the link in the post, you’ll be taken to a landing page that will then direct you to all 3 podcasts, with the option to listen immediately or download the MP3. Hope that helps.


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