Quick Tips for Lead Generation Success (Podcast)

With the new year almost upon us, here’s a quick way to increase the effectiveness of your lead generation programs in 2011. Take 7 minutes out of your day to listen to the first part of a podcast I recorded recently with social media expert Steve Farnsworth about trends and best practices in B2B lead generation. You can access the podcast here.

Steve and I share insights and opinions on how B2B marketers can develop, source, and leverage content to generate and nurture leads more effectively. In just 7 minutes, you’ll learn:

* the #1 hurdle companies face in executing more sophisticated lead gen programs

* the type of content that’s working best to generate quality leads

* the first question to ask when deciding which content to use for lead gen

* why NOT to ask sales reps for advice on content (and where their opinions matter)

The remainder of the complete, 40-minute podcast will be released over the coming weeks. Watch this space for updates, or simply subscribe via email or Twitter to be alerted when the next segment is posted.


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