4 Reasons to Fulfill Offer Content via Email

Congratulations. A prospect just responded to one of your marketing emails, filled out the registration form, and wants the free white paper you offered. There are three basic ways to fulfill that offer content:

1. Direct the reader to a thank you page containing a link to the content.
2. Send the reader the content as an email attachment.
3. Send the reader an email containing a link to the content.

Here are 4 reasons why your best option is #3 (email + link):

1. It forces the prospect to provide a valid email address.

2. The email will reside in the prospect’s inbox to be forwarded to colleagues and/or stored for future reference, increasing both the reach and shelf-life of the offer.

3. Lack of an attachment means the fulfillment email is less likely to run afoul of a prospect’s spam filters or network firewall.

4. If you use a marketing automation system, you can track when (or if) the prospect has accessed the white paper by clicking on the link you provided. This allows you to trigger a follow-up sales call only when you know the prospect has actually read the white paper. If the prospect hasn’t clicked on the link within, say 2 days, you can also send a friendly reminder email (as a personal note from the assigned rep), automatically.

Excerpted from the Spear Marketing Group white paper: “Top 10 Tips For Lead Nurturing Success: How To Get The Most From Your Lead Nurturing Program, and How To Plan For Success If You’re Just Getting Started.” To download your free copy, click here.


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