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NetLine Gives Prospects a Second Touch

Competition in the content syndication marketplace is becoming so fierce that, as a demand generation vehicle, white paper syndication is in danger of becoming a commodity, a program that advertisers evaluate on price alone. If I can buy a lead from this vendor for $40, the argument goes, why would… Read More

Free Content Syndication – Is It Worth It?

A client writes: “I’ve received e-mails in the last month from two vendors (online publishers) offering to post my white papers and other content on their site for free. What’s the catch? I can’t think of a legitimate reason to turn down the offer.” My response: “Have you heard the… Read More

Symantec E-Mail Not Up to the Challenge

Occasionally a good concept gets lost in the execution. Take this recent e-mail from Symantec as an example. What I like about this campaign, besides the eye-popping color scheme, is the overall concept. Symantec could very easily have prattled on about the merits of their product, but instead they’ve couched… Read More

Disintermediation & the Irrational Fear of Non-Media Expense

Excuse me while I rant for a minute, but what is it about buying media that makes it seems so benign? Here’s what I mean: companies spend tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars on media, often with little purpose or strategy behind it, because buying media – and media… Read More

Another Email Crying Out for Help

It shouldn’t be easy to pick promotional e-mails out of one’s inbox and recite the litany of ways in which the authors missed the boat. But it is. One reason, I suspect, is that prominent media companies such as IDG, ZDNet, and others have started to provide “turnkey” campaigns to… Read More

The End of Live Webinars?

Web seminars continue to be a mainstay B2B demand gen tactic, especially in the technology space. Up until now, Webinars have come in two flavors: the live event, broadcast at a specific date and time, and the archived event, hosted on the advertiser’s site or by a third party for… Read More

Good Blog on Writing White Papers

If you write, produce, or use white papers for lead generation, I recommend you check out Michael Stelzner’s blog, “Writing White Papers.” He offers some great tips for making your white paper stand out from the crowd. (Did you know that 2.5″ is the ideal left margin for a white… Read More