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Lead Nurturing Key for Open Source & SaaS Vendors

Two licensing models are taking the software industry by storm at present: one is Open Source, the other is SaaS (Software As A Service). From a marketing perspective, both share similar challenges, the most prominent of which is converting users of free software to paying customers. Many commercial open source… Read More

5 Mistakes to Avoid on Your Next Webinar Invitation

This Webinar invitation from IBrix, a developer of software-based file-serving solutions, arrived in my inbox recently. Alas, it reads more like an abstract for a thesis presentation than a compelling sales event. Here are the all-too-common pitfalls the invitation so painfully illustrates: 1. Don’t place speaker photos and gratuitous clip-art… Read More

NetLine Gives Prospects a Second Touch

Competition in the content syndication marketplace is becoming so fierce that, as a demand generation vehicle, white paper syndication is in danger of becoming a commodity, a program that advertisers evaluate on price alone. If I can buy a lead from this vendor for $40, the argument goes, why would… Read More

Free Content Syndication – Is It Worth It?

A client writes: “I’ve received e-mails in the last month from two vendors (online publishers) offering to post my white papers and other content on their site for free. What’s the catch? I can’t think of a legitimate reason to turn down the offer.” My response: “Have you heard the… Read More

Symantec E-Mail Not Up to the Challenge

Occasionally a good concept gets lost in the execution. Take this recent e-mail from Symantec as an example. What I like about this campaign, besides the eye-popping color scheme, is the overall concept. Symantec could very easily have prattled on about the merits of their product, but instead they’ve couched… Read More

Disintermediation & the Irrational Fear of Non-Media Expense

Excuse me while I rant for a minute, but what is it about buying media that makes it seems so benign? Here’s what I mean: companies spend tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars on media, often with little purpose or strategy behind it, because buying media – and media… Read More

Another Email Crying Out for Help

It shouldn’t be easy to pick promotional e-mails out of one’s inbox and recite the litany of ways in which the authors missed the boat. But it is. One reason, I suspect, is that prominent media companies such as IDG, ZDNet, and others have started to provide “turnkey” campaigns to… Read More