Factoids: How to Tweet Multiple Times About the Same Offer

So you just launched a new white paper. How do you tweet about the content multiple times without seeming repetitive?

Try factoids.

Factoids are brief glimpses into the content on offer. They can be excerpts, but they also stand alone as facts or tips or news or opinion in their own right, even outside the context of the content as a whole. As tweets, factoids draw attention on their own merits, but when linked to a landing page, also drive traffic to the main offer.

For example, at right is a landing page we created for a new white paper published by a client, Navicure. A basic tweet in support of the white paper would read:

New white paper: how to choose the right medical claims clearinghouse – [URL]

something that you might be able to repeat on Twitter a few times over the space of as many weeks without alienating your followers. But instead, what if you focused on specific topics within the white paper:

How medical claims clearinghouse can streamline your practice’s revenue cycle – [URL]

One of the most important medical practice management decisions you’ll make – [URL]

Why a traditional claims clearinghouse may be causing more problems than it solves – [URL]

Where profits tend to drop out during 7 key stages of the medical practice revenue cycle – [URL]

Side-by-side comparison of leading medical claims clearinghouse software – [URL]

Medical practices: how to avoid underpayments, claims denials – [URL]

That’s 6 tweets that you could roll out every few days or once a week without ever seeming repetitive.

Note that a critical ingredient to this strategy is an effective landing page, with enough supporting text to mirror the information that you’re referencing on Twitter. That connection is integral – without it, for example if the landing page featured only the barest of an offer description and a registration form – the reader will fail to make the connection between what was promised on Twitter and the content that you’re offering.


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