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Spear Marketing Group offers a flexible range of services designed to help B2B companies fully leverage HubSpot technology in maximizing the success of inbound marketing, lead management, and demand generation initiatives.

As a full-service agency and certified HubSpot Solutions Partner, Spear is uniquely qualified to help marketers make the most of their HubSpot investment by applying our extensive knowledge of digital marketing and demand generation best practices, combined with expertise in all facets of the HubSpot platform.

An agency partner that “knows” HubSpot.

Spear HubSpot engagements range from full-scale implementations to ongoing management and system optimization.  However, as different from other consultants and agencies who focus exclusively on technical services, our team of HubSpot and demand gen specialists also provide:

  • Strategy – from advice on best practices to comprehensive lead nurturing plans, we advise clients on workflows, segmentation, messaging, offers/content, email frequency and more.
  • Campaign Execution – we have years of experience developing successful, turnkey campaigns that incorporate cutting-edge strategy, dazzling creative, and flawless technical production.
  • Content & Creative – we write and design emails, landing pages, newsletters, Webinar invitations, and more. Plus, our design, development, and production teams know HubSpot cold (including HubL), so our campaigns not only generate results but also look good on both desktops and mobile devices.

Our dedicated team of HubSpot technical experts can also assist with migrations, Salesforce.com integration, lead scoring, attribution, and reporting/analytics.

Sample HubSpot Engagements

Here are just some examples of work we’ve done for HubSpot clients:

  • Designed, built and implemented a more robust lead nurturing plan
  • Designed, built, and launched an integrated, multi-touch, multi-channel marketing campaign, including complete attribution, lead scoring, and reporting
  • Migrated a client's campaigns, data, and assets from Marketo to HubSpot
  • Provided interim assistance to a client who unexpectedly lost their primary HubSpot power user
  • Conducted a thorough audit of a client’s HubSpot instance and inbound marketing strategy
  • Advised on technology selection, integration, system optimization, data management
  • Rebuilt an existing lead scoring schema based on client needs and industry best practices
  • Designed and built a library of custom HubSpot templates (emails, landing pages, thank you pages) for distribution to a field marketing organization

What's Next?

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