Get the most from your Marketo investment. Spear Marketing Group offers a flexible range of services designed to help companies like yours maximize the success of lead management, revenue performance management, and demand generation initiatives.

Marketo is a powerful, easy to use marketing automation platform. Yet without the right content, creative, workflow, message, and overall strategy, even the best technology in the world can fail to realize its true potential. At worst, what should be a strategic asset for both Marketing and Sales ends up serving as an expensive email broadcast system. We can help. As both a full-service marketing agency and a long-time Marketo partner, Spear is uniquely qualified to help companies make the most of their Marketo investment by applying our extensive knowledge of e-marketing, demand generation, and lead management best practices, combined with expertise in all facets of the Marketo platform.

Turnkey services for Marketo customers

Spear is an ideal resource for Marketo customers who are:

  • Limited by available resources from complete and effective implementation of the Marketo system
  • In need of best practices or strategic counsel for developing a lead management or e-marketing strategy
  • Looking for ways to leverage Marketo more broadly across their overall marketing and demand generation activity
  • Experiencing a lack of effectiveness with their lead nurturing, e-marketing, or demand generation campaigns

As different from other partners who focus primarily on implementation, our Marketo practice is focused on Lead Management Strategy, Campaign Development, and Creative Execution. If any of the following describes you or your organization, we can help:

  • I know we’re not getting the most out of Marketo but I’m not sure where to start
  • People aren’t responding to our nurture emails – what are we doing wrong?
  • Help! I just lost my Marketo admin/marketing ops manager
  • I know how to use Marketo; what we need is help with strategy – the who, what, when
  • We need to take our nurturing to the next level, but I have no idea what that looks like
  • Is what we’re doing consistent with best practices? Where can we do better?
  • How can I use Marketo to improve ROI from demand generation and marketing in general?
  • My current agency doesn’t understand Marketo and it’s creating extra work for my team


What's Next?

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